Feb 092012
Authors: Allison Sylte and Colleen McSweeney

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Every Thursday afternoon, while CSU’s illustrious student population is enjoying a $2.50 pint (or four) of 5 Barrel, Allison Sylte and Colleen McSweeney go to the RamSkeller to ask some hard-hitting questions.

Today’s question… “If you were to win a Grammy, who would you thank in your acceptance speech?”

“I love my mom, because I do… I really do. I love her very, very much. And God, because Tebow says to thank God. And myself, because I’m so talented and won the award.”
-Meg, journalism

“My parents, OBVIOUSLY. And my boss Tim Gonzales, because if that man were to disappear tomorrow, this whoooole chemical and biological engineering department would go down.”
-Fred, chemical and biological engineering

“My momma.”
-Clayton, hospitality management

“I would get up there and say, ‘F*** the Grammys, they’re a SELLOUT!’ and then I’d spike the award down like Rob Gronkowski would.”
-John, engineering

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