Feb 062012
Authors: Logan Martinez

Decorating small wall spaces can get cramped quickly, especially in a dorm room or apartment. Why not make some of those essential pieces a little more fun to look at?

A bulletin board does not have to be square or simple, so grab some scissors and run to the craft store to make your own personalized bulletin board.


1. A roll of cork OR cork squares (available at Wal-Mart, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby or Michaels)
2. Scissors or an Ex-Acto knife
3. Printer
4. Paper
5. Tape
6. Marker

1. Find the dimensions of the space your bulletin board will take up. Then, choose a shape or image you like. I used a picture of a camera but, there are so many different forms to work with. Choose something that appeals to you.

2. After deciding on the shape, paste the image in Excel. Crop around the shape and enlarge it to the dimensions from step one. The image will print on several sheets of paper.

3 Using scissors cut out the image and tape it together to create one large image.

4. Lie the cork out facing down and place the image face down on top of it. Trace the shape onto the backside of your cork with a marker.

5. Use an Ex-Acto knife to cut out your shape. If using cork squares, super glue or a hot glue the pieces of cork together. Note: when choosing the cork, some are very thin, so it would be good to double it up or mount it on a piece of cardboard for durability.

6. Mount it on the wall using double-sided adhesive tape, or the adhesive that is included with the cork roll or squares.

Now, start pinning! So easy, fun and a great conversation starter!

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