Feb 022012
Authors: Allison Sylte and Colleen McSweeney

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Every Thursday afternoon, while CSU’s illustrious student population is enjoying a $2.50 pint (or four) of Fat Fire, Allison Sylte and Colleen McSweeney go to the RamSkeller to ask some hard-hitting questions.

“If God exists, what do you want him to say when you arrive at heaven’s gate?”

“Parlez vous Francais? Just kidding. I don’t speak French. This seems like a project for alcoholics. But anyway, I want God to say, ‘Atta boy!’”
-Scott, health and exercise science

“‘Here’s an ice cold beer for ya, champ!’”
-Ben, mechanical engineering

“Ohh…. I’m the wrong person to ask…. I guess… um… ‘Good job, kiddo!’”
-Katherine, finance

“‘Hey, welcome. You made it.’ And God will have tattoos, for sure. I mean, don’t you hope that’s true? God needs tattoos!”
-Brian, human development and family studies

“God would be technicolored.”
-Scott, health and exercise science

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