Feb 022012
Authors: Erin Udell

My job at the Collegian has taken many things from me: a normal social life, regular gym dates, my sanity and, most importantly, my sobriety.

Ironically enough though, I’ll be spending my Superbowl Sunday in the newsroom and, therefore, won’t get to partake in the wing eating and, more importantly, beer drinking this glorious event entails.

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a recipe for a drink that is both affordable and easy to make in mass quantities for your (21-year-old) partygoers this Sunday.

As always, be safe, smart and have fun.

Poor College Kid Margaritas:
This is one of my fallbacks from long ago. It’s quick, it’s easy and leaves a weird film on your tongue.
1 750 of cheap tequila
2 frozen lime concentrates

Mix tequila with concentrate. With every concentrate, fill the empty container with water and add to mixture. Serve with ice and be careful.

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