Feb 012012
Authors: The Rocky Mountain Collegian Editorial Board

You’re drunk. You’re tired. And you’re sitting alone in a puddle of vomit outside of your favorite bar.

RamRide’s number is in your phone, but you’re not entirely sure where your phone is at the moment. Could it be on the bar? Sitting on the counter of a bathroom sink? Either way, it’s gone and you have no idea how you’ll get to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend’s house to yell about how lonely you are.

Well, starting this weekend, if you have a dollar in your pocket and are able to make it to a bus stop, you have a ride.

Kicking off on Friday at 11:30 p.m. the new late-night bus system will offer two routes going from Old Town to several stops throughout Fort Collins. We think this one-year trial project is a necessity in a college town and, much like ASCSU’s Chase Eckerdt said in today’s Collegian article, way cheaper than a DUI.

While CSU already has a good safe-ride program with RamRide, this new bus should alleviate some congestion and allow bar-goers to have a sober driver without the frustration of waiting an unspecified amount of time.

According to ASCSU surveys from the fall semester, more than 90 percent of participants said they would be in favor of a late-night bus. And, if we were the survey-taking type, we would have submitted the same answer.

So, Rams, don’t ignore a wonderful resource like this. Use it for a safe, sober ride. Be smart. Be safe and, as always, have fun.

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