Jan 302012
Authors: The College Republicans at CSU Executive Board

As college students, many of us pride ourselves on the idea that we know what is best, that we can think for ourselves and that we are in charge of our own lives. Ironically, though, a generation that is so persistent on having an open mind and making its own decisions elected a president that represents quite the opposite.

A few months ago at a San Francisco fundraiser, President Obama warned his supporters that if he loses the 2012 election, “We’re going to have a government that tells the American people, ‘you are on your own.’ If you get sick, you’re on your own. If you can’t afford college, you’re on your own. That’s not the America I believe in. It’s not the America you believe in.” Clearly, President Obama is out of touch with the American spirit –– the spirit that “We the People” are intelligent enough to identify what is in our best interest without assistance from the government.

As young adults who are continuously learning and growing, we must acknowledge the idea that we have both the ability and responsibility to make educated decisions and to govern our own lives. However, instead of giving ourselves the credit we deserve, we are allowing the government to tell us what to do and how to live our lives. Don’t we have enough confidence to believe we can succeed in life without the government holding our hand at each step of the way?

The American people live in the “Land of Opportunity” where individuals can make their dreams a reality, but unfortunately, many Americans are losing hope in their ability to succeed. And why wouldn’t they? Why would one feel the need and desire to work hard and strive to succeed when the federal government promises to take care of them and fix all of their problems?

Fortunately, there are still Americans who have not forgotten the principles of the Founding Fathers, and they still believe in personal responsibility. It is not always easy to be held accountable for ones’ own future, especially when we are continuously being told that our success is the government’s responsibility.

Yet, if we continue to allow the government to intrude in our lives, we will forever sign away our freedom. True freedom comes not just from the basic principles that we learn at a young age, such as freedom of religion and freedom of speech, but from empowering great individuals to accomplish great things. That empowerment cannot be obtained from government handouts. Instead, it must come from an individual’s dedication and persistence to achieve success.

Along with self-reliance, these characteristics are what build a strong country. As Ronald Reagan said, “Every time the government is forced to act, we lose something in self-reliance, character and initiative.”

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution with the hope and intent of the people running the government, not with the people reliant upon the government. For those who have fallen victim to the endless promises made by our president, it is time to restore the virtues of personal responsibility and self-reliance in our society.

The College Republicans at CSU will be holding an informational meeting on Wednesday in Room 234 in the Lory Student Center from 4 to 5 p.m.

College Republicans Executive Board can be reached at collegerepublicans.csu.gmail.com or on Twitter @csucollegegop.

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