Jan 262012
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

1). “The Descendants” – The Alexander Payne/George Clooney project explores family complexities with a beautiful comedic touch. It has been nominated for five Academy Awards and opens at the Lyric Cinema Café this weekend.

2). “Shame” – An uncompromising look into a man’s sex addiction that features a stellar performance from Michael Fassbender. You can see it at the Lyric Cinema Café.

3). “50/50” – Focused more on being a drama than a comedy, “50/50” boasts a sentimental performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It came out on DVD this week.

4). “Ides of March” – Oscar snub Ryan Gosling stars in this tight political thriller that came out on DVD last week.

5). “Moneyball” – A powerful movie about Oakland Athletics’ GM Billy Beane and his unwavering devotion to prove worth to his family. Check it out on DVD.

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