Jan 242012
Authors: Allison Sylte

Collegian: What are you both most excited about about with your new positions?

Ewing: I’m excited just to get things going. There’s been a lot of change in the department over the last year, and what I want to do is look at longevity, look at how we’re going to keep these changes going in the future.

Bowling: I want to set a really solid foundation for future years. We’ve got a new system to keep track of our records, and I’m looking forward to helping this administration cap off another great year.

I’m also super-excited about being a part of SFB (the Student Fee Board).

You both came into your new positions after some pretty abrupt resignations. What kind of challenges does that present?

Ewing: I don’t really foresee it presenting too many challenges with my position. I have a very good relationship with all of the people in the RamRide Department, and Keegan [Schulz], the old director, reached out to help me in any way that I can.

Bowling: Obviously, for me, it’s a little bit more difficult, given the circumstances that Matt [Strauch] resigned under. I don’t even have a director’s report to go off of.

I think I’ll be OK, though, because I have the support of all of ASCSU. I don’t foresee it being too difficult, actually, even though these weren’t necessarily the best of circumstances.

You both have positions that make a pretty big difference to the student body, but I’m guessing that, for the most part, most people don’t quite know who you are. How are you going to try to make what you do a little bit more visible to the average student?

Ewing: With RamRide, a lot of students don’t realize all of the time and effort that goes into organizing the backend of what we do and all of the volunteer hours that go into making our operation a success.

To fix that, I want to get more people volunteering, to just see what it is that we do behind the scenes.

Bowling: Arguably, the finance position is one of the most important at ASCSU, and definitely one of the ones that makes the most difference for the average student. We’re the ones who have the most communication about tuition and funding –– things that matter to students a ton.
Another huge thing I’ve got to be the face of is SFB, which helps give funds to different organizations. It’s there, but it’s not necessarily publicized.

What are your biggest goals?

Ewing: Setting up all of the changes within RamRide and controlling the way operations is run. I want to take those changes and make them more sustained, so they’re still here next year and for years to come.

Bowling: My biggest goal is reestablishing and reevaluating how SFB gets money to student organizations.

My next goal is to set up a way to publicize the funding board and make it as fair as possible for student organizations to get the money they want and deserve.

What made you want to get involved with ASCSU in the first place?

Ewing: I got involved with ASCSU just last year. I was looking for a place to get involved, and where I was actually making a difference on campus. I got involved, and I’ve loved it ever since.

Bowling: I just sort of fell into it. I was going to apply for the Ram Leadership Team, but, just out of my interview, I ended up getting offered the role of executive assistant. After that, I got on SFRB and realized how much of a difference it made on campus.

It was love at first sight really. I love the people here, and I love what we do.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Fort Collins, besides work for ASCSU, obviously?

Ewing: I really like people-watching in Old Town and just going outside and getting some fresh air when I’m not working and doing homework.

Bowling: I’m a colossal java-junkie, so my favorite thing to do is probably go to Cafe Vino and drink unlimited coffee on Sunday mornings.

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