Jan 192012
Authors: Elisabeth Willner

The new editor of the student-run magazine College Avenue is not only a new face in student media: she’s a relatively new face at CSU.

Kristin Hall, a junior journalism transfer student, was selected Thursday night as the new editor in chief of College Avenue, after only one semester of working there.

“Kristin somehow got in here and got to the heart of the magazine really fast,” said Michael Humphrey, the journalism advisor for student media and a member of the selection committee.

Hall is from Grand Junction and originally planned on getting her journalism degree from Humbolt State University in California, but transferred last spring to take advantage of CSU’s web-oriented journalism classes.

She knew immediately she wanted to work at College Avenue.

“I was drawn to the magazine when I first saw it,” said Hall, who said she’s looking forward to ramping up content she already enjoys. “I think the current staff has done a lot of hard work. It’s like taking an already good pair of shoes and shining them up and wearing them out more often.”

Hall’s goals for College Avenue include boosting its readership and making it more recognizable to CSU students.

Laura Esposito, the current College Avenue editor and a member of the selection committee said she was impressed by Hall’s enthusiasm.

“She left the room full of energy that was really unique,” Esposito said. “Being a transfer student played to her advantage because she was looking for her niche: she found her magazine and ran with it.”

Hall will be training for the position now until the end of the semester.

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