TV or Not TV

Jan 182012
Authors: Anna Palmer

In 2009, 29 percent of all internet users watched full-length TV shows online. This year, that number has increased to 39 percent of all internet users, according to “Online Marketing Trends,” a website about internet media.

These statistics may seem pretty standard in this day and age, but what has been the driving force of this change?

“Money and convenience,” Jenna Schroeder, a junior at Colorado State University, said.

Hulu, offered only in Japan and the United States, has become a sensation across the country, reaching an audience of 29.7 million in October 2010.

Offering its viewers a variety of TV shows, movies and other various media, the best part of them seems to be the no-money-out-of-pocket concept. The only downfall appears to be in the selection of offerings and free content, with a side of advertisements and commercials interjecting each video.

Hulu Plus was introduced as a way to attract more viewers, but comes at a price of $7.99 per month. It includes a much broader selection of TV shows and movies, but is still commercial-infused.

Netflix, another video-streaming website, accounts for 61 percent of all digital-movie viewing in the U.S., according to “Netflix By the Numbers.”

However, on Sept. 1, Netflix hiked its prices from $7.99 per month for online access and one DVD at a time, to $15.98. For those who only want online access, the fee is still $7.99 per month.

With websites such as Hulu and Netflix, there appears to be a decreased demand for TV and cable. In fact, Schroeder commented that she only has cable because her roommates want it.

Cable can get pretty costly when added on to all other expenses college students have to pay each month. In fact, digital-cable users pay an average of $75 per month, according to “Online Marketing Trends.”

Redbox Revolution

• Redbox rents up to 40 discs per second
from its kiosks.
• Redbox has more than 28,000 locations
in the U.S.
• 1.5 billion Redbox rentals and counting
• 68 percent of the U.S. population live within a 5-minute drive of a Redbox kiosk

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