Jan 182012
Authors: Carrie Mobley

Not only do students have to adjust to new classes this week; they also have to adjust to the new add/drop policy being put into effect this semester.

The new policy was approved last April in an effort to simplify the process, which used to include three different add/drop periods ending on different days of the week each semester.

“This new policy is a student success initiative,” said Christopher Seng of the Registrar’s office. “The intent is to try to get students into their classes within the first week of the semester so they don’t fall behind on course work.”

With the new system, students may add a course without an override through midnight on Sunday at the end of the first week of classes. After that time, courses can only be added with an override and can only be added until the census date –– Feb. 1.

According to the Committee on Teaching and Learning, the organization that introduced the policy to the faculty council, changing the add date to the first week of school will help students from falling behind at the beginning of the semester.

With regards to dropping a class, the only change in the new policy is with restricted drop periods; now students with an approved restricted drop date must drop a class by the first Friday of the first week of classes, in order to make sure that other students can get into the class.

While this change was developed to have a positive effect on students, it is expected to have similar effects on professors alike.

“The benefits to the faculty from limiting the add date is that the new policy will end the current practice of students adding classes into the third week of classes,” the Committee said in a Today@Colostate report. “ …And instructors can now assign more substantial course assessments in the first few weeks of the class, and potentially improve learning outcomes from their students in one semester.”

Overall, the committee stated, this new policy will improve communication between students and the faculty about course expectations missed during the first week of school.

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