Jan 182012

Report of sexual assault by police impersonator false

A Fort Collins woman has been arrested for allegedly falsely reporting being sexually assaulted by a police impersonator, police said.

A Larimer County Sheriff’s Office press release said Heather Speicher reported on Jan. 5 that she was stopped by a man portraying a police officer and then sexually assaulted.

After an extensive, four-day investigation that included six investigators, two lab personnel, public tips and Speicher herself, revealed the allegations to be false.

“It is important to fully investigate any allegation of sexual assault as well as police impersonation; however, false reports of this nature redirect very limited resources that are needed for other important investigations,” the press release said.

Local card tournament could take residents straight to Vegas

Fort Collins will have to pull out their dark shades, low hats and poker faces for their very own poker tournament.

On Jan. 29, The Fort Collins Series of Poker will host a free poker tournament at Beach House Grill. The winner will receives a $1,500 seat in the World Series of Poker or $1,000 in cash.

Events hosted by the Fort Collins Series of Poker raise awareness for the Realities For Children Triumph Awards Program. The Triumph Awards are college scholarships given to local youth who have been impacted by physical or sexual abuse.

Donations are accepted at events but not required.

CSU study hopes to understand equine herpes

A study at CSU will research how equine herpes virus type 1 can damage the immune system of a horse’s respiratory system.

Using actual horse cells from deceased horses from volunteers, researchers are focusing on the lining of respiratory systems, which keeps the airway moist and is a barrier to pathogens.

The virus can spread through the body and potentially cause neurological damage, abortion and possibly death. It is spread through nose-to-nose contact and through contaminated equipment, clothing, water and feed.

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