Jan 172012
Authors: Sabrina Norwood

With the introduction of an online global campus, a Colorado State University education expands beyond the traditional classroom.

CSU’s Global Campus offers a wide variety of bachelor’s and master’s programs, from applied business management to teacher leadership.

It focuses on helping adult students at any stage of their lives achieve their goals through affordable tuition and financial aid.

The cost per credit for a bachelor’s degree is $350, while a master’s degree per credit is $450. Classes start every four weeks and are streamlined, which means students can get started right away.

With approximately 5,000 students currently enrolled, the average age of students who attend CSU Global is 36, with ages ranging from 18 to 70 years old.

“The biggest reason [students enroll] is the flexibility that an online program provides. You earn your degree on your time, which is huge for working adults with families and other commitments,” said Lauren Anuskewicz, the director of marketing for the Global Campus.

While CSU-Global does not allow double majors, or transfer credits more than 10 years old, the vision of the online campus is one of helpfulness.

“Our classes are asynchronous, which means you log in when you can fit it into your schedule, not when we tell you to, as long as you are meeting your deadlines,” Anuskewicz said.

Many students may consider taking online classes during their academic career.

“I have thought about taking an online class,” said sophomore undeclared major Evan Lerdall. “I thought it may be cheaper and more convenient.”

The Global Campus offers many services to aid students in their degree-seeking process. There are tutoring services and technical support that run 24/7. An online classroom is available to students through video, voice and text chat.

“Online education with CSU-Global is also highly cost effective,” said Anuskewicz. “We make it affordable in order to help adults earn their degrees without breaking the bank or having to take large student loans to do so.”

To be considered a full-time student, the student must be enrolled in 12 credits, while 6 is part-time and under 6 is less than half-time.

The courses offered on the online campus are 300 to 500 level courses. For more information about CSU-Global, students are encouraged to visit www.csuglobal.edu or call (800) 213-9392.

Collegian writer Sabrina Norwood can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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