Dec 122011
Authors: Jesi Fish

1. Find your target hot person (THP). Be aware of jerk vibes, wedding ring lines, funky clothes or obnoxious laughs. If you notice any of these signs, move on to another target.

2. Get noticed.
Be confident and open, and flirt with other people. But be sure to make eye contact with your THP and show them your interest.

3. Start the conversation.
Keep the conversation light and fun, and include other people. Lightly brush your THP’s arm, but don’t make too much physical contact unless he or she initiates it.

4. Leave the conversation.
Excuse yourself and join a quick side conversation.
You want to make your THP look over and think about you.

5. Return to the conversation.
This step has three parts:

#1 When you return, have something in your hand or at least something clever to say about being gone. This legitimizes your leaving, makes a better entrance and explains to your THP why he or she is enjoying the party so much more now that you are back.

#2 Pay attention to timing: Too late and you can’t get your THP alone, too early and you will be trying to keep the conversation going. You want two to five minutes before the countdown –enough time to pull him or her in and get focused.

#3 Close yourself off from the circle. Joining back into the circle gives the idea that it is a group celebration. Instead, come up behind or beside your THP and angle him or her away from everyone else. Establish that this is an A-B discussion –not a group discussion.

6. Secure the countdown.
Get close but not too close. Fall into your THP a little or use him or her as support, just to break the physical boundary. This signals that it’s okay to touch you. After all, kissing is hard to do when you’re not touching.

7. The countdown breakdown:

Close in, grab hands and drag your THP to where you are fairly alone or where it is packed so you have to get close. Use the excuse to see the fireworks or TV to justify moving.

Lean in and look expectant but
not too expectant.

Make eye contact and hold it
while smiling softly.

8. Close the deal.
Make the kiss last as long as possible and enjoy the start of your New Year!

10 Most Romantic Spots in Fort Collins For Your New Year’s kiss

1. CSU Oval
2. Overlooking Horsetooth Reservoir
3. A well-lit alleyway in Old Town
4. Apartment roof
5. Bridge over the Poudre River
6. A favorite restaurant
7. Swings at City Park
8. Apartment complex hot tub
9. A favorite trail
10. A horse-drawn carriage in Old Town

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