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Authors: Andrew Schaller

Playing most of the game without their second leading scorer, Sam Martin, the Rams were able to handle Division-II University of Maryville-St Louis 73-35 on Sunday.

In Martin’s absence, Kelly Hartig filled in at center, and scored 16 points in the game.

“Kelly’s been so hesitant most of her career at shooting the ball,” CSU coach Kristen Holt said. “And now she’s finally getting into the mode of looking for her shot, so it’s good to see her score like that.”

Taking Hartig’s place starting at the power forward position was Kara Spotton, who came into the game shooting only 6-for-32 from the field, but went 4-for-6 in the game, scoring nine points and adding six rebounds.

“The last couple of games, I haven’t been making a lot of shots, but this game just felt good to get some in,” Spotton said. “I’ll still work on it, but definitely it’ll give me some confidence.”

Also contributing to the offensive onslaught for the Rams was Kim Mestdagh, who scored a game-high 23 points in 20 minutes of play.

Mestdagh started the game with the hot hand shooting, going 4-for-5 from three within the first 8 minutes of the game.

“It’s really refreshing,” Mestdagh said of the hot start. “I prefer those wide open shots first before the ones that are contested because it makes me feel better, and I was more relaxed going into that, so it was good for me.”

In addition to getting open looks at the basket, the Rams were able to put pressure on Maryville by holding them to a 20.4 field goal percentage on the game, a season-low for the Rams.

“I thought we were aggressive and battled every possession,” Maryville coach Chris Ellis said. “But when you shoot 20 percent, you’re not gonna win the game.”

The Rams will now travel to Cancun, Mex. for the Triple Crown Caribbean Classic, where they will face women’s basketball powers Michigan State next Tuesday and Indiana next Wednesday.

“If you probably took the two teams on our non-conference schedule that are least alike it would be Maryville and Michigan State,” Holt said. “But what’s nice is we have a week to kinda get ready for that.”

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