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Last week ended with another shooting at Virginia Tech. Though the full story will not be known for some time, gun control zealots such as the sub-moronic Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and highly emotional Virginia Tech Professor Rolan Lazenby, a survivor of the 2007 shooting, immediately renewed their calls for the end of the “aggressive firearms culture.”

In other so-called “gun free” nations, gun violence is lower. However, when violent crime rates are compared, often the gun free citizens live in significantly more violent situations, rendering the argument impotent at best.

There is admitted difficulty with arguments on both sides. When academic studies are conducted, researchers tend to discover what they hope to discover, thus a control advocate will find proof control is necessary and effective, while a rights advocate will find control legislation wholly ineffective if not dangerous.

When the Board of Governors banned legally possessed firearms, an amazing young woman named CJ, now one of my closest friends, and I, signed on with the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners to sue the BOG and Tony Frank for violating the Colorado Constitution, common sense and our rights as Americans.

Individuals and groups such as the Brady Campaign and CSU’s Public Safety Team claim some variation of Lazenby’s articulated pseudo-thought, “In recent years, there has been a movement to allow registered guns on college campuses. Having taught 20 years of college journalism and taught in the public schools for three more, I can say that schools are often places highly charged with emotion and conflict. Only an idiot could posit that guns would somehow enhance that atmosphere.”

Well Professor, thankfully the stranded passengers and crew of the S.S. Minnow weren’t relying on your brilliance to escape the island.

You and our own professor Richard Eykholt share the same utter denial of the common trait of active shooters and intentional gun violence on college campuses in the U.S., gun free is the common denominator fellas, not legal possession by rational adults.

Firearms cause violence like penises cause rape.

January 16, 2002, an active shooter at the Appalachian School of Law in Virginia killed the dean, a professor and a student before three other students subdued him. The media believed those to be the relevant details. What they didn’t mention was two of the students had retrieved firearms from their vehicles. Had they been allowed to carry on campus, the situation may have ended with fewer deaths.

This is a repeated theme of active shooters meeting armed resistance. The Trolley Square shooting in Salt Lake City in 2007 was stopped by an off-duty officer carrying a concealed firearm; Trolley Square is a gun-free zone.

Arguments against concealed carry dismiss reality and facts with frightening consistency. Gun-free zones only prevent responsible individuals from carrying, but it is as if gun control advocates simply do not understand the well-established contempt criminals have for laws.

If you find yourself curious about the correlation between campuses allowing concealed carry and incidents of firearms violence or negligence originating from someone with a permit, let me save you some time, there isn’t one.

The individuals among you with CCW permits are some of the most responsible, level-headed, reasoned, trained and logical people you will ever meet. Odds are, unless it comes up in conversation, you will never know if they have a concealed weapon or if they have a license.

And neither will an active shooter coming on to a campus such as ours. When a wolf attacks a Virginia Tech, the only hope is someone willing to risk expulsion by carrying against the wishes of whatever daft group of individuals decided the presence of the firearm created the violence.

Let’s not forget the majority of college students are not allowed by law to possess a handgun, in Colorado you have to be 21, take a sanctioned course and clear a background check to apply for a concealed carry permit through the county Sheriff.

How many of you are willing to cut that far into your beer fund for such an unlikely scenario as needing a concealed firearm? Few.
Students on concealed carry campuses are at lower risk of gun violence than students in gun free zones.

This statistical fact, to date, has only been countered with the emotional pleas of gun violence survivors with no evidence to support their requests.

Virginia Tech’s victims deserve better than to serve as the emotional catalyst for political ploys.

Seth J. Stern wishes his friend CJ luck on her new adventure and will miss her. His column appears Mondays in the _Collegian. He can be reached at

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