Dec 082011
Authors: Eugene Daniels

Well CSU, we made it! Finals are upon us and the semester is over! Was it just me or did this semester feel like a trip through the fiery pits of Hell (otherwise known as the Kardashian house)?

I know I make fun of that family a lot but c’mon, they make it so damn easy… don’t judge me. Or do it, I don’t care.

This has been a great semester, thanks to you readers, so I want to thank you for even acknowledging that I exist and for the fact that I only got one hate email the whole time, which was surprising! But don’t worry, I’ll be back next semester, so we can fix that!

Here is my final Eugene quote to live by of the semester –– “Our college years should be the best years of our lives. Enjoy them. A lot of things aren’t going to go your way, but don’t get bogged down. The little things won’t matter one day, so try and concentrate on the things you can control and everything else will sort itself out. And if not, there’s always Tequila.”


_Dear NoBS,
Christmas is soon, and I’m a little nervous because I’m not sure if I can go home. My parents and I had a huge argument this year, and I’m having a hard time forgiving them.
We haven’t talked in months, and it’s because I haven’t called them. We used to be really close, and I talked to them every day. But now there’s such a rift I’m not sure if I could ever fix it.
The biggest problem is that Christmas was our favorite holiday, and we’ve never spent it away from each other. Should I forgive them or continue to hold this grudge?


Hey WantChristmasAtHome,
Well, if you have been reading my column, you would already know how I feel about grudges. I’m sorry, but you need a brain transplant. There is almost nothing that your parents can say to you that would make it okay to not speak to them.
They are your parents, and personally I have a feeling that in this argument, they were 100 percent right. And this may sound corny, but you can probably always go home. They’re your parents, and they are the only people genetically programmed to like you. And if they don’t, it’s probably your fault.
You need to call your parents and apologize. No matter who was wrong or right, life is too short to hold grudges against the people who gave you life. If they die, how are you going to feel? That’s what I try and think of when I feel angry with my parents, and I realize the reason I’m upset with them is dumb.
Whatever it is, get over it. Or you’ll be spending Christmas on the street with some gross Santa Claus impersonator.


_Dear No BS,
I have a girlfriend and we’ve been dating for over four months. I’m in love with her, but the problem is she’s rich and I’m far from it. And with Christmas down the road, I know that no matter what I get her, it won’t compare to whatever she gets me.
The first thought I had was to break up with her and then get back with her when school started again. Does that make sense or should I do something else?

BrokeCollegeStudent _

Dear BrokeCollegeStudent,
Well if you break up with her, send her to me because I’ve been looking for a suga mama for the holidays! Okay but in all seriousness, you’re probably not the only one with this issue.
Newsflash! She knows you’re not rich by now, and it clearly doesn’t matter to her. If it did, you’d be single and sad and lonely like the rest of those sappy suckers who want to be in a relationship.
I can’t believe breaking up with her was the first thing that popped into her head. You’re worse than I am. This is NOT grounds for breaking up.
Just be honest with her. Tell her you’re not in a position to get a present worthy of her. Or make something. Chicks love that romantic crap. And if she decides to break up with you because you’re as broke as the rest of the 99 percent of college students… I’ll be there to snatch her up. Okay kidding. Sort of.

If you want to submit a question or just send hate mail (I love either), send an email to Eugene Daniels is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at

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