Dec 072011
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*Update: On Monday, Dec. 5, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of a new map that reorganizes the Congressional districts in the state. Due to this change, Topher Lazarz is now running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2nd Congressional District of Colorado, not the 4th.

Fort Collins’ voice in the U.S. House of Representatives may be from a man no older than the average student of Colorado State University. Topher Lazarz, who just turned 25, barely meets the age requirement for the 2012 election. He may be going to Washington D.C. to represent one of Colorado’s seven chairs, speaking for the people of Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland, Greeley and smaller northeastern towns.

Each state’s number of seats is determined by its population. With more than five million people recorded in 2010, Colorado gets a seat for approximately every 718,457 people.
Since 2010, Congressman Cory Gardner has represented the 4th Congressional District. If Lazarz is elected, he will be the only Libertarian and youngest Congressman to
represent Colorado.

“I never thought I would be running at such a young age,” Lazarz said. “But I think Washington needs some new blood –someone who sees the problems Americans are having.”

Running under the Libertarian platform, he said he strictly follows their beliefs and is working under Colorado’s official Libertarian party. He summarized the platform as “keeping the government as small as possible.”

“It’s for economic freedom and social freedom,” he said. “You take the social aspect of the Democrat and the economic aspect of the Republican and you combine them into one, with a lot less regulation at the federal level and personal level.”

Lazarz is planning on graduating in fall of 2012 from the University of Colorado with a business administration degree. He began his business career in high school and held the position of president at Foxcore Corporation, which operated internet corporations like Quack Web Internet Solutions, College Shack and Spread Photos, Inc.

Politics is a passion of Lazarz’ and he would like to continue in the field for life, maybe with a presidential campaign one day. But through it all, he would like to keep a business side. Lazarz believes seeing the business and economics of government will help him in his political career.

“You can’t really make a career out of it unless you’re accepting money from lobbyists, and I would rather not do that,” he said. “I’d rather support myself off my own business than take
corporate handouts.”

With an early campaign, Lazarz is primarily spreading his name through word of mouth, social media sites, and his website that should be up within the month. He plans on making appearances at different venues and reaching more people through his publicist. Lazarz hopes to reach as many people as possible through commercials and radio ads, but is still in the early stages of his run and filing paperwork.

Lazarz may be young and less well-known than others, but in the future he may be in the position to affect important decisions for the people of Colorado and Colorado State
University. He hopes people will listen to what he has to say even though he is not from either of the big parties. He says that Americans need to get out and see that there are other choices. Lazarz realizes he is running against big parties and it will be a challenge, but believes he is different because he is focusing on the people and not the campaign.

“It’s a good stepping stone so if America isn’t ready now, it gets my name out for future elections. But I believe in this. ”

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