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Authors: Courtney Riley

The last thing that’s probably on your mind right now is the perfect gift you’re going to give your significant other. You’re dealing with finals that will make or break your grade, dreaded group projects that are almost impossible to schedule and last-minute papers that are difficult to even gather the motivation to start writing.

Your lack of sleep this week has driven you to the point of exhaustion where you feel drunk, and at the end of the day, you can’t even remember if you went to class that morning.

And just when you get to the point of almost being done with your final assignments and exams, you’re going to realize you haven’t gotten a gift for you boyfriend or girlfriend yet, and your brain-dead state of mind has left you anything but creative.

There’s always a lot of pressure to give a meaningful gift because you don’t want to look like an idiot and fail to impress. To save you the pain of waking up the morning of Christmas Eve and realizing you’re about to see your significant other empty-handed, here are a few ideas for Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to score you points with your girl or man.

Five gifts for your boyfriend:

1). Tickets to a sporting event
What guy doesn’t love sports? Buy him tickets to an Avalanche game, and take him on the perfect winter date. You certainly don’t have to splurge and get expensive seats.

2). Cologne
This is a win-win for both parties. Every girl wants her guy to smell good, and this is the perfect opportunity to show him exactly what you want, like Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren or Armani Black Code.

3). Video game
Get your man the newest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3.

4). Watch
Nice watches are usually pricey, but if he’s a classy guy who really wants one, it might be one of the best gifts he’s ever received. You can also find more inexpensive ones at places like Target.

5). Homemade coupon book of “favors”
This may be the smartest gift you can give your boyfriend. It doesn’t cost you any money, and it would probably evoke the best response. What guy wouldn’t appreciate a slip of paper good for one free striptease?

Five gifts for your girlfriend:

1). The perfect date
When thinking of gifts for girls, it’s important for guys to be genuine and creative. If you add a personal touch to any gift you give her, you automatically just impressed her. A fail-proof plan is to take her out on a classic date to a nice restaurant, followed by a movie. Ice-skating is also a guaranteed perfect date. To make it more special, drive around town afterwards and look at Christmas lights.

2). Pandora bracelet
Jewelry is always an automatic win. But as college students, a guy can’t afford to buy expensive jewelry and girls simply don’t need a diamond necklace. So if you’re looking for a high quality jewelry item that won’t completely break the bank, get her a Pandora bracelet with one charm that reminds her of you. These aren’t cheap, but they’re more reasonable and personal than something from Jared.

3). Kindle
These have significantly decreased in price over time, and now you can get a basic one for around $80.

4). Framed picture
This gift is both affordable and adorable. Get an inexpensive picture frame for your favorite photo of the two of you. Or get a digital picture frame and upload a slideshow.

5). Cook her dinner
If you want to save money and be with her in a more intimate setting, cook her favorite dinner, complete with dessert. Your time and effort will definitely benefit you at the end of the evening.

At the end of the day, thoughtfulness trumps money. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your boyfriend or girlfriend to give them an impressive gift. Give them something personal, and you won’t end up single for New Year’s.

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