The real Tony Frank

Dec 052011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Things have been pretty weird these last few weeks for CSU President Tony Frank.

It started with what seemed like a harmless email advising students not to get hit by trees on the way to class. And then there was an oddly-timed campus-wide email about the Penn State scandal 5… weeks after it first came to light.

And then, the same week Frank sent that email, there was the abrupt firing of Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk. And while we’re certain the firing had nothing to do with anything that happened at Penn State, the timing of Frank’s email had to have inadvertently made more than a few people wonder.

And all of this makes us ask: Has our president suddenly lost his communication skills?

No, but he did lose his No. 1 communicator. Brad Bohlander, Frank’s longtime public relations guy, left for a new position in North Carolina this November, a departure that coincided with Frank’s off-the-mark emails.

The timing of Bohlander’s departure and Frank’s recent flubs have made us wonder: has it been our president who has been communicating with students, or has it been Brad Bohlander this whole time?

Honestly, we’re glad that we’ve been seeing a bit more of the real Frank, and we hope that the real Frank is not overtaken by the voice of whoever replaces Bohlander. Maybe these recent mistakes will teach Frank how to communicate on his own, which in our opinion can only make him better at his job.

While Frank has definitely made some questionable communication decisions lately, we sincerely hope that he’s given the chance to improve on his own, without another version of Brad Bohlander sweeping in and overtaking Frank’s voice.

Because for students, it’s better to get the real Tony Frank than no Tony Frank at all.

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