Dec 042011
Authors: Andrew Carrera

The 2012-2013 heads of CSU’s Rocky Mountain Collegian and KCSU were chosen last week, marking the beginning of new directions for both student media groups.

Greg Mees, the Collegian’s current visual managing editor, was chosen as the paper’s editor in chief-elect. Lauren Moser, KCSU’s music director, will be the station’s manager.

The Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation’s president, Larry Steward, hired the two after a lengthy application process involving an extensive position paper, various rounds of interviews and faculty and staff input.

Mees and Moser will now spend the entire spring semester training for their positions in part by shadowing the current editor-in-chief and station manager. They will begin running their respective student media groups starting in summer 2012.

‘Covering CSU the best’

“I think that I can take it (the Collegian) to new heights,” said Mees, a junior journalism and technical communications major.

In addition to increasing the publication’s online presence, the student media head in-training aims to improve the way the Collegian covers breaking news relevant to the university’s students.

His organization “should be covering CSU the best,” he explained.

Mees also said that he plans to work more with the paper’s counterparts –– including KCSU, College Avenue and CTV –– in order to produce Collegian stories that include robust multimedia components.

Success will be measured, he added, not only by the amount of awards the paper receives during his tenure, but also whether or not the CSU community is served through the Collegian’s storytelling.

“There were a couple of stories early in the year that were briefs that should have probably been bigger, full-blown stories,” he said. As editor-in-chief, “I think that I should just be watching that kind of stuff to make sure that that’s not happening — that we’re not overlooking anything.”

Mees has previously designed for College Avenue and the Collegian. He currently serves as the Colorado state leader for the Society for News Design, on top of being the paper’s visual managing editor. But his new position, he said, will be his biggest responsibility to date.

“It’s a big task. I’m looking forward to taking it on,” he said.

‘Do more, be more’

“It’s going to be an interesting year full of challenges, but something that shouldn’t be too hard to handle, I don’t think,” said Moser.

The station manager-elect said her tenure will largely be characterized by her ability to strike a balance between appreciating KCSU’s business and artistic sides.

Moser is a junior business and Spanish double major, but also the radio station’s music director — dissimilar backgrounds between which she hopes to navigate as a student media head.

“It’s two very different worlds of thought between business majors and journalism majors, and just being able to let them coexist” will be central to her leadership style, she said.

Moser plans to judge her job performance by the way she affected the people she works with.

“If my staff wanted to be … better than what they are, and to do more and be more, I would see that as being a success in itself,” she said.

Before becoming station manager-elect, Moser worked at KCSU for three years as an underwriting director and DJ. She currently manages its music department, in addition to participating in CSU’s Entrepreneurship Club and the Navigators, a campus ministry organization.

Members of CTV will be selecting their new station manager on Monday, and a new digital media manager is set to be chosen on Wednesday.

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