Dec 042011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Well, it finally happened. After three straight 3-9 seasons with the Rams football team, coach Steve Fairchild was fired on Sunday – a decision that didn’t surprise anyone here at the Collegian.

In his time as coach, Fairchild led the Rams to the New Mexico Bowl back in 2008, but was never able to match that first-year success. And with this most recent losing season, we say good riddance; it’s about time for a change.

One 3-9 season is bad enough, but after continuously losing steam only a few games in, it’s obviously time to reevaluate how the football program is run. Year after year after year, our team was supposed to get better and break the cycle, but it just never happened.

CSU has one of the least profitable athletic programs in the Mountain West Conference, a trait that just doesn’t match up with our university’s stellar achievements in research and academics.

It’s time for those two things to come together. With our reputation and population growing, our football team should be able to make the more than 30,000 students who go here want to actually attend games — not just the tailgate.

There may be uncertainty with the recent changes made in the athletics department this week, but it’s time to look forward. Let’s see this not only as a fresh start for our team, but also for ourselves.

Next season let’s make a conscious effort to fully support our Rams. Go to the games and show the players that we believe in them and that we know they can win.

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