Dec 012011
Authors: Hannah Woolums

In the novel “The Joy Luck Club,” author Amy Tan illustrates the difference between the Chinese and American cultures.

The story focuses on four Chinese women immigrants who have all been through a lot to get to where they are now. They find comfort by getting together with each other and playing a Chinese game called Mahjong. Each woman has an assigned position at the table representing North, South, East and West.

After one of their members dies, her daughter is appointed to take her position in the game. As the game rotates through, the four women each tell stories of their pasts, either of their childhoods in China, or their new beginnings in America and their transitions into the American Culture.

Each woman has at least one American-born daughter. While they struggle to hold onto their Chinese heritage and accept the American culture, they learn more about the views from each side.

In each chapter, Amy Tan is able to incorporate a little bit of what she has experienced as a Chinese-American born to a mother from China. The daughters go through similar situations as Tan did in her childhood, but all experience individual and unique twists. Each story reveals unexpected events that the mothers have gone through to get where they are today and to have the life that they have.

“The Joy Luck Club” is a touching and fascinating novel that allows the audience to discover a real connection with each one of the characters. You will feel for their struggles and their sacrifices, but also their love for their children and their desires for them to live a happy and successful life, while holding on to their heritage.

You will be shocked at what these women have gone through and the events that have taken place in their lives, but you will also gain respect for their beliefs and their culture. You will never be able to forget the events that you have read nor will you be able to put this fast read down until it’s finished.

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