Nov 302011
Authors: Jason Pohl

An overwhelming majority of the Associated Students of CSU voted down a resolution Wednesday commemorating CSU Chancellor Joe Blake for his service to the university.

The discussion focused on Blake’s efforts to ban concealed carry weapons on the CSU campus back in 2009, despite thousands of students who petitioned against it. Additionally, Senate voted 21-3 at that time, opposing the proposed ban.

Despite student input, the weapons ban was passed. However, the CSU Board of Governors later rescinded the decision, which then re-allowed concealed carry on campus.

Those opposing Blake’s action on the issue said it was a blatant disregard for student input across the country.

“It is really important to remember that all of your actions –– not just the good ones –– speak for who you are,” said Ken Stanton, a post-doctoral fellow and Virginia Tech alumnus.

Stanton said the decision to disallow the concealed carry on campus was watched around the country, especially as the petitions and ASCSU input showed support.

Not everyone was convinced the decision to table the commemoration of Blake, who stepped down earlier this year, was fair.

Chase Eckerdt, the director of government affairs for ASCSU, urged everyone to weigh Blake’s entire career and service to the university, especially during a struggling economy and continued cuts to higher education.

“He’s led this university through one of the most difficult times in our history” Eckerdt, a supporter of concealed carry, said. “Judging him and his entire career based on one issue is a mistake.”

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