Nov 302011
Authors: Brenn Wheeler

Despite your intentions in the “Two losses too many” Our View, your contradictory actions spoke much more loudly. Although the first article was to show reverence for Sean McGowan, it appeared four pages too late, and was overshadowed by a feeble attempt to justify why the Collegian highlighted dark speculations surrounding Sean’s death over the fact that we lost a precious life yesterday. To my chagrin, the front page neglected Sean’s value to CSU, instead featuring 13 Tic-Tac-Toe games stating, “…we here at the Collegian have completely given up. We’re tired. Cut us some slack.” The Strip Club’s first non-sexual article, and somehow I am still offended.

You reported the suspicious contents of Sean’s pockets, but left me wondering what his major was. You quoted a stranger about Sean, but I wondered how a friend would honor him. I know more about the holes in Sean’s arms than where he was from! I feel as if the Collegian is compelling me to justify Sean leaving the CSU community, rather than to mourn this loss.

Thankfully, my heart keeps me from doing so. The facts regarding Sean’s death will come with time, from proper authorities. In the meantime, the need has culminated to bring an aching community together around Sean’s precious life. Tragedy has erupted –– our students mourn amidst the rubble of confusion and grief. Although disappointingly delayed, it’s not too late for the Collegian to reevaluate which pieces of Sean’s story it will help us pick up first.

_Brenn Wheeler is a junior microbiology major. _

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