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Authors: Erin Eastburn

Here I am, three weeks from graduating, about to move my life to Manhattan, NY, and I am in a relationship. This relationship has been stop and go, from so over to so in love. But the thing is, I’m a commitment-phobe with trust issues, constantly second-guessing the words coming out of my partner’s mouth. But I love giving relationship advice.

If you met me, you would probably think I’m a workaholic who needs to sleep more and drink less. But as you would get to know me, my cursing habits, repetitive sex stories and constant questions regarding one’s love life would probably annoy the s**t out of you. Or, like my fellow Collegian editors, you would find me entertaining enough to write a sex column.

Gentlemen, this is happening. Sex is the name of the game, and trust me, we (women) think about it, and probably want it, just as much as you do.

I know what you think, how can this nerd who has only been in two and a half serious relationships have any sort of advice? Well, I read a lot of “Cosmo Magazine,” and I like to practice what I preach.

Before I kick it out of here, I feel the need to share my top five pieces of sex/relationship advice.

1. Be open

The most important thing in any partnership is to communicate. This can be orally, through a glance or in some instances with a dance or hand gesture. To have a good connection, and to climax, you need to express your needs to your partner.

This goes hand in hand with my next stage.

2. Mix it up.

When a relationship is new, or in some instances, a one night stand, passion can easily be achieved.

Though, for you crazy people out there like me who have been with the same person for more than six months, things can get dull fast. I luckily work at Victoria’s Secret and have resources at my fingertips. As cliche as it may be, girls, dress up, role play and yes, be a little naughty.

3. Get comfortable

Ladies, don’t be self-conscious. If you’re naked with a man, he is most likely thinking of other things, like how he is about to get laid. I’m not a man, but I’m sure it’s extremely annoying if a hot girl is holding back or being weird if she feels self-conscious. If you are one of these girls, go get some hot underwear. Next time you think you’re going to get some, wear them!

4. Use protection

Condoms and birth control are a must-do. Protection is something I personally could get better at, but I had the realization that babies can’t fit in my Manhattan apartment, and people lie.

One of my partners told me he was tested and was clean. He was tested when he was 21; he is now 28. After I found this out I got tested and am clean, but if this happens to you, get tested ‘cause you never know! Moral of the story, they may be nice and good at what they do, but unless you see it with your own eyes, don’t go without it.

*5. Know what you want *

What you want is important, and it needs to be addressed by the fourth date. I’m not the most traditional person. Dates for me are going out to Old Town and drinking, usually to blackout status. Still, I consider that a date.

If you do want a relationship, that doesn’t mean be a clingy bitch, just be honest with yourself and your partner.

Besides these five guidelines to follow, my last piece of advice is to stay true to yourself. As lame as it sounds, too many girls get lost in relationships (sorry guys). Maybe I’m just a selfish friend, but right now, you’re young and it’s time to experiment, grow and learn. But remember to always keep it classy, at least in public.

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