Nov 292011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

While the Collegian editorial board is all about artistic expression, we think things went too far after a vandalism incident in a women’s restroom in Clark-C.

As reported in today’s article on the front page, Ann Gill, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, was livid after seeing “be the change you want to see in the world,” scrawled across the bathroom wall.

According to Gill, it was very difficult to find the funds needed to pay for bathroom upgrades this summer. Now, in one of the toughest times for CSU’s budget, students are going out of their way to deface university property, which frankly doesn’t make any sense.

Not only does it make our dean’s jobs harder; vandalism repairs also take money away from the colleges that students pay fees to support.

This isn’t the only time vandalism has been seen on campus either. According to Jeff Sutton, of CSU’s custodial services, he gets multiple requests for vandalism clean up, usually in the form of graffiti on buildings and walls around campus.

There’s really no point in writing an overused quotation or drawing an amateur doodle on a bathroom stall. All you’re really doing is causing unneeded clean-up costs while ruining the day of the person who has to pick up your mess.

So, if you’re feeling that inclined to let those artistic juices flow, find a piece of paper or something. The world may be your canvas, but other people have to live on it too.

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