Nov 192011
Authors: Kevin Lytle

The CSU basketball team barely put up a whimper of resistance to the University of Southern Mississippi on Saturday night in a 79-58 loss.

And because of that, the players weren’t allowed to say anything afterwards either.

“I’m not making them available, because that’s my decision,” coach Tim Miles said. “Their performance spoke for themselves tonight.”

The Rams played uninspired ball from start to finish while USM’s LaShay Page put on a career performance.

The junior guard hit 11 of 15 shots and eight of 11 threes and finished the night with 30 points in only 32 minutes.

“He got 14 points on us in three minutes in Cancun (last season),” Miles said. “We knew he was capable of getting on a roll. He had never shown that sustained ability. We kept telling our guys ‘just stay in front of him and he’ll miss.’ And he didn’t. That’s why it was a spectacular performance.”

He did a lot of his work early, scoring 10 points in the first five minutes of the game.

“I come in with the confidence that I want to make every shot.
When I see a few fall, then you get in a rhythm,” Page said. “Everything tonight with me was just rhythm…when I hit the first two or three, I just felt like anything open after that I had to make.”

By halftime he had 19 points and USM’s lead was the same amount.
Not only did Page have a great night, but so did everyone else on USM.

As a team they hit 53 percent from the field and 56 percent from three. CSU also got dominated inside, getting outscored 32-12 in the paint.

The intensity on defense that is often brought by Pierce Hornung was missing with the junior out injured.

“That’s the disappointing part,” Miles said. “How can we not pick that (intensity) up?”

CSU never recovered from the early punch in the mouth. The closest the Rams got in the second half was 17.

After the defeat, CSU has now lost two straight games and is 2-2 on the season. Miles had said that he expected his team to bounce back after a disappointing loss to Stanford on Tuesday, but that didn’t happen.

“At the end of the day you’ve got to have a spirit and attitude about yourself and I think the performance we had tonight speaks volumes,” Miles said.

CSU now has one day to regroup and try and fix the mistakes from Saturday’s game before playing the University of Texas-San Antonio on Monday.

The quick turnaround allows the Rams to quickly move on from the embarrassing loss.

“I felt sorry for our fans,” Miles said. “It was disgusting.”

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