Nov 172011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

What the Collegian Editorial Board is thankful for:

Sam Noblett (Editor in Chief): I am thankful for my staff of editors. No matter the circumstance, how tired, drunk or sick they are, they always get things done. Without them, this paper would not happen.

Erin Udell (News Editor): For my family, friends and wonderful co-columnist, Gregory Marie Mees. You’re always there for me with a kind joke or homemade pie. You are the light of my life, sugar plum.

Allison Sylte (Content Managing Editor): I am thankful for my kind friends, my beautiful family and my glorious co-workers and adviser. Without you, I’d have overly inflated self-esteem.

Erin Eastburn (Photo Editor) : I’m thankful for the constant love my family gives me…I love attention, so without them I would be really depressed.

Cris Tiller (Sports Editor): I’m thankful for my mom, dad, Donald and two wonderful sisters who always support me through everything I do. Thanks guys.

Rachel Childs (Web Content Editor): I’m thankful for the people in my life who put up with my stressed-out, loud personality, and for people who are just as loud and ridiculous.

Courtney Riley (Entertainment Editor): I am thankful for my wonderful friend Patty who posts sticky noes with Marcel the Shell quotes all over my bedroom while I’m looking at Pinterest in the newsroom with fellow late-night editor Erin Udell until midnight.

Greg Mees (Visual Managing): I’m thankful for my co-columnist Erin Udell because without her, there would be no one at the Collegian to make fun of and harass.

Matt Miller (News Editor): We’re running out of space. So just alcohol.

Colleen McSweeney (Editorial Editor): Oprah.

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