Top 10 albums of 2011: KCSU

Nov 162011
Authors: Michael Elizabeth Sakas

Just like the two giant snowstorms Fort Collins has been dealt this year, my list of 2011’s top 10 albums has arrived a little too early for my liking. It seems that, with the approaching breaks and my ever-growing pile of responsibilities, this will be my last chance of the semester to share my thoughts on what I’m listening to. And I love end-of-the-year lists. So here it is! The top 10 albums I danced, studied, slept and cried to in 2011.

1. Fleet Foxes- HELPLESSNESS BLUES: This sophomore album is just as beautiful as their first, but much darker lyrically. One of my friends said, “If you listen to Fleet Foxes for fun, something is wrong with you.”

2. Bon Iver- BON IVER: Even Kanye West has tapped into the brilliance of Justin Vernon, sampling one of his tunes on his latest album. But isn’t that all Kanye does?

3. Wye Oak- CIVILIAN: This two-person act impressed the audience of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” when the drummer showed his mad ambidextrous skills by simultaneously playing the keyboard for the band.

4. Foster The People- TORCHES: Their debut album blew up all over everything: commercials, MTV and television shows, creating so much hype that they sold out their tour.

5. The Decemberists- THE KING IS DEAD: This group returned to its roots of folk-infused storytelling, mixing it up just enough not to get old.

6. Feist- METALS: Feist took a leap with her newest album, straying from her upbeat poppy sound and dabbling in a slower mood.

7. TV on the Radio- NINE TYPES OF LIGHT: The death of bassist Gerard Smith led to canceled shows, but their funk-infused album still made it big.

8. Iron and Wine- KISS EACH OTHER CLEAN: As my favorite band, it is my obligation to add Iron and Wine to the list. As a whole it isn’t as good as I had hoped, but a few songs have stuck with me.

9. Noah and the Whale- LAST NIGHT ON EARTH: After front man Charlie Fink and Laura Marling’s breakup, his music got depressing (and rightfully so). This album is him coming back to life.

10. You Me and Apollo- CARDS WITH CHEATS: I had to add at least one local band, although I had many favorites. It was difficult, but You Me and Apollo made an album that I couldn’t help but love.

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