Nov 162011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Starting in January, we’ll have a brand new way to get home after drunken nights in Old Town. But it will come with a definite cost beyond the $1 per ride.

According to two stories that ran in today’s Collegian, the Associated Students of CSU, in conjunction with Fort Collins Police Services, has unveiled a new late-night bus service.

While this program will probably reduce RamRide wait times and hopefully deter drunken drivers from hitting the road, it also adds $17,000 to ASCSU’s budget –– an expense that ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg didn’t budget for.

And according to “Bus route makes financial waves,” this has forced other ASCSU departments to make cuts to shoulder the financial burden.

While we commend Berlinberg for trying to find a safe solution for students to get home, it seems like Berlinberg was thinking more about his legacy than thinking through the decision to add another expensive program to his already very full-plate.

RamRide, a program that Berlinberg has treated as a pet project, was forced to take a $3,000 cut, and next year’s administration will be shouldered with an involuntary $17,000 price tag for the deal.

And while ASCSU officials say the budget shake-up won’t make a difference in how they operate, $17,000 is a lot of money, and we hope that this reallocation of funds won’t inhibit his ability to complete his 40 plus campaign promises.

So while we’re sure a lot of students will be making use of this new bus route, it’s worth wondering what exactly we’re losing to make it happen.

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