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Zach Heil, a sophomore double major in art and psychology, believes the approach to creating art and living your life is one in the same: being free and open and trying to make something unique.

“Going through life I feel like being creative is a constant force,” he said. “(Creating art) has never been anything but positive for me. It can be whatever you want it to be, and that’s how you should approach life as well.”

Sharing his passion for art is the reason he and his roommate Tanner Cornay started up an interactive blog this past September catering to people who want to share their creativity with others.

The blog features original music, photographs, drawings, paintings, pieces of writing and films.

Heil and Cornay are both ambassadors for the blog, along with about three of their other friends, including Timmy Johnson, a sophomore music education major.

“It started out with just me and Tanner who could post different content,” Heil said. “Now we have about five to six people who have accounts with us who can freely contribute whatever they like.”

“We wanted to do a collaborative art project with everyone we knew (who was) interested in art,” Heil added. “It’s an outlet for ourselves as well. We share work that no one has really seen.”

The name of the site was inspired by various songs Heil and the other creators enjoy that use the phrase “word life” by artists such as Andre Nickatina and the Wu Tang Clan.

“However, it can also be broken down to mean simply ‘word on my life,’ essentially saying we truly believe in what we love to do,” Heil said. “Also, it can be used as a number of acronyms such as Wisdom Of Relevant Delight. Love Inspiration Forever Eternal.”


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This acronym, along with others such as “Wisdom, Organized, Relations, Dreams, Love, Identity, Focus, Energy” is incorporated in several sketches posted on the site.

Heil’s passion for art is mainly expressed through drawings and paintings, while Cornay posts original films on the blog.

“I’m a filmmaker. I just kind of bring things in my head and try to make them a reality,” Cornay said. “I make things I want to see.”

He said he has been making movies his whole life, and fairly seriously for the past five years.

“For a lot of my stuff it’s just short things I thought were funny or dramatic; it’s a little bit of everything,” he said. “Basically I was just raised by Hollywood. I watched movies and learned from them.”

Johnson posts original music and some doodles that usually have a political-based background behind their meaning.

“He’s one of the most talented people I know,” Heil said.

“I just like anything that makes the world a more beautiful place,” Johnson said. “You don’t have to be an amazing artist to make something beautiful.”

Heil said art is something he and his friend Thomas Bloomberg have grown up doing together.

“We’ve been doing collaborations since about second or third grade,” Heil said. “He contributes (to the blog) quite a lot. He’s really talented.”

Although Bloomberg resides across the country, posting his ink-drawn illustrations to the blog serves as a way to keep him in contact with Heil and his other friends.

“It’s a really good way to stay in contact, and we’ve all agreed no matter where this whole project takes us, we want to keep it up to see what everyone’s doing,” Heil said. “It’s a really personal way to keep in contact with good friends.”

Heil’s experiences growing up have influenced a lot of his artwork, he said. He mostly paints and draws from his surroundings, including his friends and family, and also incorporates other ideas he thinks of on his own.

“A lot of what you’ll find (on the blog) is anything from sketches in a notebook to projects I’ve been working on for months,” he said.

Aside from studying art at CSU, Heil said he and most of his friends are mainly self-taught in their crafts, aside from Bloomberg, who studied art on the west coast, and Johnson who has formal training in music, but none in drawing.

“A lot of us have been doing it for a long time. We’re mostly self-taught, but we’ve all sort of been studying it through school,” Heil said. “But we just want to support anybody who wants to make something. It doesn’t really matter. If we like something, we like it.”

Viewers of the blog can see anything from doodles to masterpieces, he said.

“It really comes down to sharing your experiences, and I think one of the most enjoyable ways we’ve explored that is through art, whether you’re a dancer, musician, filmmaker, writer or anything.”

In the future, Heil hopes to expand the site into something more than a blog.

He plans to have a website one day that will allow anyone to post anything showing their creativity. But for now, anyone interested in sharing their artwork can email their art to to ask Heil or any of the other ambassadors to post it on the blog.

“We want to make it a real community-based thing,” Heil said.

“We’re open to everybody and anybody if there’s something you’ve made and want to show it to other people. We’re really not doing it for anybody specifically, just anyone who wants to join and be a part of a community.”

According to Cornay, it’s more than just creating a blog.

The goal is to connect with other artists, share thoughts and meet new people who wouldn’t necessarily have come together otherwise.

“We’re bringing people together and making something good together,” Cornay said.

Art gives people personal freedom, Heil said.

“It’s a lot like meditation in some respects. (It’s about) trying to make something that means something to you, that’s why it’s most powerful to me. If people can relate, that’s equally as powerful.”

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