Nov 152011

As director of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Jeffery P. Holland will return, this week to CSU, where he received his doctorate in civil engineering.

Holland will be on campus Wednesday morning to deliver, “Making the World Safer and Better: An Overview of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development.”

The presentation will focus on Holland’s role in directing seven research labs, with an annual budget of approximately $1 billion.

According to Hank Gardner, the associate vice president of research at CSU, while the event is something that attendees will stand to benefit from, it was Holland who first approached the university.
“He was interested in coming back and looking at the university, where we were and what we were doing. And we said ‘terrific, we would love to see you,’” Gardner said.

The presentation, according to Gardner, will be multi-faceted and touch on topics that concern students from many different fields, including natural sciences, economics, sociology and engineering.

Holland’s visit will also give students a chance to expand their networking for prospective jobs, for doctoral students to look for potential financial backing and for the community to better understand how their tax dollars are spent, Gardner added.

Students aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from Holland’s visit. Although collaboration between Holland’s department and CSU exist already, Gardner hopes that Holland’s return to CSU will put in motion a new range of prospective collaboration.

“We want to look at other potential opportunities for mutually collaborative kinds of research,” Gardner said. “We look forward to reacquainting him to his alma mater.”

It is Gardner’s hope that in reintroducing Holland with how CSU has evolved since his time as a PhD student, the partnership between Holland and CSU will strengthen.

“Who knows where this will go, but we appreciate him coming down to talk to us.” Gardner said.

Holland will begin his presentation in the Associated Students of CSU Senate chambers at 10 a.m. and will be available to talk with attendees afterward.

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