Nov 152011
Authors: Kevin Lytle

Before reporters even got the chance to ask linebacker Mychal Sisson his availability for Saturday’s game, linebackers coach Bernard Clark answered for him.

“He’s playing.”

Sisson, who broke his ankle Sept. 10 against the University of Northern Colorado, practiced last week, but wasn’t quite ready to play last Saturday against San Diego State University.

His mobility was a little limited in practice last week, and he was cautious pushing off of the ankle.

But according to Clark, the only thing that will keep Sisson from playing against Texas Christian University is if he comes to the coaching staff Saturday and says that his ankle is hurting too much for him to play.

And the chances of that happening?

“Zero,” Sisson said.

He practiced Tuesday with a combination of the first and second team defenses. Sisson said he moved much better than last week.

“I felt like I wasn’t doing that hesitation that I was doing last week,” Sisson said. “I was doing everything normally.”

Now the question is where he fits in. Shaquil Barrett, James Skelton and Mike Orakpo have played well in his absence, and Clark said none will lose their spot.

“Those three guys have been playing very well, and they deserve to start,” Clark said.

Because of that, Sisson has been practicing at all three positions and is prepared to play all of them.

“I feel like I can perform to the best of my abilities in all three positions,” Sisson said.

He was a two-time all-conference player and consensus freshman All-American in his first season.

He recorded more than 90 tackles in each of his first three seasons and led the nation in forced fumbles a year ago.

Just having him back on the field could provide the team a much needed boost.

“Regardless of the fact that we’re 3-6, he still wants to come back and try to contribute to this team,” Clark said. “So I’m hoping that will be an inspiration to these guys.”

Sisson is hoping that he can bring that spark, and is just happy to be able to get back on the field before his college career comes to a close.

“Just getting back out there and finishing off on the right foot instead of finishing off on the sidelines,” Sisson said. “If I can finish off with the team it’s great.”

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