Yays and Nays 11/15/11

Nov 142011
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

Yay To CSU professor Temple Grandin being named to Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame. Now all we need is for Tony Frank to named to the Beard Hall of Fame.

Nay To the drunk man releasing a pigeon in the Morgan Library yesterday. Actually, let’s be real, that was so wrong it was right.

Yay To us having next week off. All we want is pie. And no classes. And more pie. And that time has almost come.

Nay To the precarious state of the upcoming NBA season. Where else are we going to get our fix of abnormally tall men?

Yay To Ray Carter representing the ideal student athlete. He plays hard, he studies hard and most importantly, he knows the importance of family.

Nay To No Shave November. While some men can pull off the rugged look, most just look unkempt and scraggly. Tony Frank makes it look easy.

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