Nov 142011
Authors: Amy McDaniel

What’s your coffee personality? Are you sophisticated and conservative? Fun and experimental? However you like to modify your mug’s contents, your coffee type might say more about you than you think.

Find your coffee identity:

Black Brewed Coffee: You’re the strong, silent type. Independent and not to be messed with, you can hold your own in a fight. You’re all business. You need a strong partner who can put up with your hectic schedule and keep you going when times get tough.

Cappuccino: Most likely European or a very successful business executive. You enjoy the finer things in life. Highly romantic, you are looking for someone who shares your passion and ambitions.

Americano: Calm, collected and always smooth with the ladies (or fellas). You exude sophistication with your cool confidence. The opposite sex can’t get enough of you.

Espresso: You’re a minimalist. Sometimes appearing snooty and self-absorbed to others, you are a hard-worker who values speed and simplicity. You tend to have occasional flings without much commitment.

Frappuccino: You are fun-loving, carefree and wear your heart on your sleeves. You need a visually attractive partner who’s not afraid to show their sweet side.

Latte: You believe in balance in your life; there’s a time for work and a time for play. Classy but edgy, your style is versatile. You need a stable relationship, but someone who gives you your “me” time.

Seasonal Specials Seeker: You are brave and love adventure, always up for a challenge. Rather careless with money, you value ingenuity and modernity. Outdoorsy types are for you; your partner must be active and not afraid to try new things.

Coffee shops are a great place to meet that special someone. Look out for the next guy or gal that shares your coffee type and you just might find your perfect match!

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