Nov 142011
Authors: Allison Sylte

A man was arrested at approximately 3:45 p.m. on Monday in the Morgan Library for violating his parole, but not before he managed to catch two pigeons in the library’s construction area and release them near front desk employees, proclaiming, “It’s just a bird! It’s just a bird!”

According to witnesses, the man, who they say was clearly intoxicated, came up to the front desk holding the two pigeons and showed them to the employees working there.

He then released the pigeons, who flew behind the front desk area, and later re-caught the birds by going behind the front desk himself.

“He caught the pigeons in a construction area and was trying to bring them to the employees’ attention,” said CSUPD spokesman Dell Rae Moellenberg.

Employees later caught one of the pigeons in a cardboard box, and the other escaped the library on its own devices, according to witnesses.

The birds initially entered Morgan through openings caused by the renovations currently underway in the library, according to Moellenberg.

The man then retreated to the second floor of the library, where employees caught him smoking, and later called CSUPD.

He was arrested for violating his parole, due to the fact he was intoxicated, Moellenberg said. There was no warrant for his arrest.

A full police report will be released on Tuesday.

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