Nov 132011
Authors: Andrew Carrera

For higher education funding, Colorado is known for being one of the worst states in the nation.

Hitting its lowest level in 25 years, state and local appropriations for public colleges and universities nationwide stood at $6,451 per student in 2010, according to the State Higher Education Executive Officers, or SHEEO.

But even when the rest of the nation is funding education at an all-time low, Colorado’s funding levels are still lower. The state assigns $3,781, or $2,670 less, per pupil on average in 2010.

Some students protest the predicament, asserting that less funding leads to less education. Not everyone, however, shares their opinion.

“More funding does not lead to better results,” said Jeff Crank, the Colorado state director of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group.

The debate –– including its arguments –– is an old one that’s been rehashed typically during election cycles, but especially during economic downfalls like the one the U.S. currently faces. With less money to go around, people have been paying a little more attention to how it’s spent.

So if CSU were to receive more funding, do you think your education would improve?

“I feel like our campus would improve, but not necessarily our education.”
Christian Wendlandt, sophomore health and exercise science major

“I feel like it would improve as far as the programs we can have on campus and within departments at school. Even though I enjoy it now, there’s always room for improvement.”

*Raven-Olivia Kellum, senior sociology and criminal justice major
“Just because we get more money doesn’t mean they’re going to put it towards our education. I’m sure that they’re going to fund the rec center or fund our athletes.”

Destiny Johnson, sophomore business and apparel merchandising major

“No, because I think we’d spend it on buildings and making our campus pretty.”
Katie Beydler, sophomore communications major

“It’s a developing opinion. I don’t think that state funding through the bureaucracy of government would best fund higher education. I don’t see that money going to the betterment of education.”

Jeremy McReynolds, Front Range Community College, acting for film, graphic design
Plans to transfer to CSU

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