Nov 032011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Here at the Collegian there are some days where hard news is hard to come by. That’s why today, we’re writing about candy.

For many of us, we have found a problem in the after effects of Halloween. These effects are sadly not involving alcohol, missing costumes or smashed pumpkins; it’s an issue of candy –– leftover candy to be exact.

These little packages of sugar goodness have been consistently showing up this past week. In class, at our favorite coffee shops, at our places of work, in our home –– the list can go on forever.

The problem many of us are having with this “no candy left behind” act is that it brings us such joy when we first see it and grab a few of the favorites. But a few minutes after eating, our stomachs start to hate us, and suddenly a sore spot in-between our teeth becomes a pitching annoyance that we can’t get rid of.

Many of us at the Collegian have a problem when it comes to saying no to candy; we barely have time to eat in general, so when anything delicious and free is offered to us, we will most likely take it.
After suffering harsh stomach pains, and suddenly sore teeth and gums, we believe that leftover Halloween candy should find a home in the trash can.

This may seem harsh or downright evil, but we don’t think our bodies can last too much longer on sugar. We have to find an alternative to free food.

If only we had the self-control to enjoy candy only on Halloween, then get rid of the leftovers, our bodies would most likely be much happier with us.

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