Nov 012011
Authors: Marcus Moritz

Kung Fu is one of the oldest styles of martial arts in the world.

But Temple Kung Fu, a Fort Collins dojo, is one of the youngest martial arts temples in the area.

“Most martial arts trace their origins back to the Shaolin Monastery,” Loa Shi, the owner of Temple Kung Fu, said. “Most styles of martial arts you can categorize by close combat or open combat.

Kung Fu is different because it’s hard to categorize like that; there are many different techniques that it uses.”

Today marks the grand opening of Temple Kung Fu’s second dojo in Fort Collins, located on South College Avenue.

“One thing that interested me in Kung Fu was to stay active and have a healthy body,” said Chanpreet Sidhu, a senior biology major and student at Temple Kung Fu. “Other than that, though, it also increases your focus and concentration for schoolwork and the rest of your life.”

Most of the people who go to learn Kung Fu walk away after learning more than just self-defense.
“Aside from learning Kung Fu, people learn things that they can apply to other areas of their life,” Shi said. “People say that they tend to learn discipline and focus as well as self-defense. Learning those things also helps with learning. Not just Kung Fu, but also schoolwork.”

Temple Kung Fu welcomes college students, as well as children as young as six and adults.

“This is a good area for something like a martial arts dojo because the diversity of the culture,” Shi said. “You have a wide variety of people going. College students also tend to be very willing to try new things.”

Temple Kung Fu also employs a few students as teachers.

“Not every black belt can be a teacher,” Shi said. “Also, not every teacher has to be a black belt.”

Dillon Sprague, a Front Range history major, said he was looking for a job that would help people achieve something. “There is more to Kung Fu than throwing a couple punches and kicks. It’s also a lot about building confidence.”

“At Temple Kung Fu, we teach more than martial arts,” said Andrea Bell, a junior natural resources major. “We have new students fill out a goal sheet when they start that says what they would like to accomplish, whether that would be fitness, or self defense, or confidence or all of the above.”

“It definitely is one thing that takes my mind off school,” Sidhu said. “It makes you more aware of the moment and what is going on in your mind. Kung Fu helps you learn how to focus your energy and direct it where you want.”

New students are always welcome and encouraged to come see what Kung Fu is really all about.
“People are going to lean new things about themselves and what they are able to accomplish,” Bell said.

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  • What: Temple Kung Fu

Opens today

  • Where: New dojo located at 2716 S. College Ave., Suite B.

Original dojo located at 1612 N. College Ave., Suite E

  • Website:
  • Phone: (970) 712-5002
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