Oct 262011
Authors: Jordan Arellanes

Fort Collins- Ian “Stonehands” Stonehouse gives an interview about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at Trybez gym in Fort Collins, Colorado. (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports across the nation. The sport is being redefined at Trybz Gym in Fort Collins. Trybz gym is led by a a team of some of the best coaches in all of Colorado.

Ian says, “One of the things that really drew me to this place is the lack of ego.”

Ian Stonehouse goes over what it takes and what goes on to become an MMA fighter. Though Ian is one of the best fighters in the state, Trybz offers a place for fighters of all skill levels to come and train.

When talking about how to get started training at Trybz, Stonehouse states, “Just come in and talk to one of the… coaches or trainers and sign a waver and you’ll be in in five minutes and training.”

MMA has been able to combine the childhood addiction to the wrestling with the strength of boxing and the discipline of karate. With all combination of all these arts, it is no wonder why so many young men are getting into this brutal sport.

Trybz is becoming the most well known gym in all of Fort Collins and appears to only be going up from there. the difference between Trybz and other gyms is the amount of actual fighting that is available. trybz offers “smokers” or in house fights once a month. This is a great way to get national attention as well as develop skills.

Ian “Stonehands” Stonehouse has just graduated from Colorado State and now is having his rebirth to fighting. He hopes to one day fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) but, loves coaching in the mean time.

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