Oct 232011
Authors: Jordan Kurtz

Although more volunteers participated in this year’s Cans Around the Oval, the philanthropy event received 6,610 less pounds of food and $5,562 less in monetary donations than last year.

“We still had an incredible turnout and a great amount of support from CSU and the community,” SLiCE Program Coordinator Brett Rundle said.

This year’s food drive accumulated 60,190 pounds of food and $34,038 in monetary donations. The “Total Cash Impact” of the drive was $196,344 worth of food and monetary donations, according to SLiCE.

In 2010, Cans Around the Oval collected a record-breaking 66,800 pounds of food and $39,600 in donations, giving the silver anniversary of the event a silver medal.

The amount of donations may not have matched last year’s, but the total amount of people involved in the event did. There were 16,650 registered participants in 2011 compared to 16,000 in 2010, Rundle said.

“I’m always amazed at the number of people that get involved,” Chuck Gill, assistant director at the Food Bank for Larimer County, said.

Rundle said the event is not really evaluated based on numbers alone, they look at involvement and awareness. He emphasized the increase in registered donors this year.

“It was wonderful to reach out to the community and to see the response from the CSU and the surrounding community,” Alpha Tau Omega member Luke Whalen said.

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2011 Cans Results:

Food donations: 60,190 pounds
Monetary donations: $34,038

2010 Cans Results:

Food donations: 66,800 pounds
Monetary donations: $39,600

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