Oct 172011
Authors: Jason Pohl

Despite lackluster attendance at Monday’s meeting, the CSU student side of the Occupy movement seemed to take a semi-organized step toward a greater movement.

Only a dozen students came out to the first meeting geared at getting CSU students more involved in the movement. But the group did ultimately decide a few things that need to happen in the future of the movement including more specific planning and faculty involvement.

“There’s such a great resource here,” said Andy Stover, a CSU master’s student in public health.

Stover said that people and students may be questioning the true goal of the movement, but it really comes down to the issues that reappear throughout time, including campaign finance reform and the bank bailouts.

“I feel like everyone has kind of surrounded themselves in these core issues,” Stover said.

By the end of the 45-minute meeting, the group decided that it was time for a more organized set of goals and potential areas for a direct university impact.

The goals outlined included a need to produce and distribute flyers and create a Facebook page to hopefully bring more people to future meetings –– similar to those held around the country.

“There’s this pressure to go out and spend a big chunk of time,” said Chris McCarthy, an economics graduate student. “I feel like if we stressed that you can go out for a half hour or two hours, that would help.”

The group also took a deeper look at the issues they can actually impact them, including raising questions about university expenditures, construction projects and a lack of tenured teachers.

It remains to be seen what specifically the group will directly affect on the university level, but the group seemed encouraged about the coordinated communication about planning.

“I feel like a lot of people agree, but then they’re just like ‘oh it’s not going to do anything,’” McCarthy said. “It’s good to break out and figure out the best way to appeal to CSU students.”

The meeting was called in wake of last Thursday’s march in which as many as 60 students –– past and present –– headed downtown after a rally in the CSU plaza. Cars honked in support, and chants of “this is what democracy looks like” echoed among the downtown businesses before students acknowledged a greater need for on-campus involvement.

The involvement, supporters say, will come in the form of meetings where clearer goals and planning will come up in the foreseeable future.

“It helps diversity,” said Willow Fitzgerald, a sophomore philosophy major. “It helps the numbers. It feels really good. If there is still some dissonance or discontent, we will go back to the drawing board and make sure everyone is comfortable with those things”

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