Oct 122011
Authors: Hannah Woolums

The New York Times Bestselling author of “Little Children,” Tom Perrotta, created another addicting and entrapping novel, inviting readers to engage in a world where people mysteriously disappear. In “The Leftovers,” the tiny town of Mapleton turns upside down when people begin to vanish into thin air.

This “sudden departure,” as the town’s citizens call it, creates a whole new world. Relationships form and fall apart as the community works hard to overcome their grief for lost family and friends. Some community members join what’s known as the “Guilty Remnant,” committing to a vow of silence and a life without family or friends. Others watch as the lives of their remaining loved ones around them collapse.

As everything changes, the citizens of Mapleton must fight to keep their lives afloat and move on without the help of spouses, lovers, friends and children. Instead of fearing the end of the world, they lie waiting, paranoid of losing their loved ones who have not disappeared. Each character is tested by new friendship, and more loss while trying to get their life back on track.

“The Leftovers” provides readers with a perception of how the world would change if the people around you suddenly vanished. It is a captivating and fun read, with twists and surprises throughout the novel and offers an understanding into the world and relationships.

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