Yays and Nays 10/11/11

Oct 102011
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

Yay | to the women of Zeta Tau Alpha for supporting breast cancer awareness. We commend anyone who protects boobs.

Nay | to Steve Jobs dying. Paraphrasing the Onion, well, there goes the only person in America who knew what he was doing.

Yay | to Tim Tebow for (almost) propelling the Broncos to victory. Maybe Jesus is on his side…

Nay | to paying bills/no fall break. There is nothing to distract us from our misery, other than our savior Tim Tebow.

Yay | to rain and fall weather. Finally we can get away with wearing sweaters and jeans to cover our pale, flabby bodies.

Nay | to midterms. Not even Tim Tebow can save us…

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