Oct 052011
Authors: Courtney Riley

After examining two of the three men all women have in their life, or atmosphere, I’m concluding this series with the third and final metaphor: the asteroid.

This is the man every guy should strive to be.

The asteroid is strong, direct and successful. He knows what he wants. He has a landing destination mapped out on the planet, and he is aware of exactly how to get there.

An asteroid has its own orbit, and he is brave enough to intentionally direct his path of travel to collide with the planet.

Unlike the moon, he doesn’t orbit closely to the outer edge of the atmosphere, waiting to hopefully feel a gravitational pull from the planet, finally drawing him in. And differing from the satellite, he’s not stuck in a cloudy area of hovering directly above the surface, while occasionally landing.

He breaks through the atmosphere and slams into the planet with no hesitation. His communication is honest and straightforward, which removes any complication with the collision.

But the best part about an asteroid is that it’s unexpected. He comes out of nowhere. The planet made no effort to draw him in at all.

He simply saw what he liked, charted his course for collision, and before the planet knew it, she was being serenaded in the middle of Target with Michael Buble’s “Everything,” complete with a dozen red roses and Canadian back-up dancers.

The asteroid makes a significant, visible impact on the planet, unlike the faraway moon and short-lived satellite.

When an asteroid slams into a planet, it alters the surface, creating a crater that rustles up dust and causes a scene. And when the asteroid is gone, that crater is still there. Whether the impact is viewed as a damaging hole or a positive alteration of the surface, the mark of the asteroid is permanent.

This collision is not common or frequent. For example, a small asteroid swung past Earth this past June, missing it by just 7,600 miles, according to an ABC article titled “Bus-sized asteroid barely misses hitting earth,” but an asteroid slamming into our planet is certainly not an everyday occurrence.

A planet wants to be struck by an asteroid. Its rarity and unique boldness causes an attraction that the moon and satellite can only dream of. So, if your goal is to powerfully enter an atmosphere, do it like a man: become an asteroid.

Entertainment editor Courtney Riley can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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