Oct 052011
Authors: Allison Knaus

During Wednesday night’s senate meeting, numerous students were ratified into new positions for the Associated Students of CSU, including former RamRide director Allison McVey, who was sworn into an empty senate seat for the College of Natural Sciences.

  • Here’s a look at that and some other highlights from the senate meeting. Next week, visit collegian.com for a live blog of the ASCSU senate and cabinet meetings.
  • Newly sworn in director of RamRide announces the program has a full staff of volunteers for this weekend’s nightly operations, an issue they’ve struggled with in the past.
  • After her sudden resignation and claiming she was pushed out of her position, former RamRide director Allison McVey is sworn into a senate position for the College of Natural Sciences.
  • Fort Collins City Council Member Gerry Horak spoke to ASCSU members about the relationship between the Fort Collins community and CSU.
  • Additional RamRide positions were ratified, including Kirk Easton as the deputy director of nightly operations and Ciera DiBello as the deputy director of expansion and gala.
  • Nineteen new members are ratified into their positions on the Ram Leadership Team, a program designed to place first and second year students in leadership roles on campus.
  • RamRide looks to add the RamRide task force that would be responsible for reviewing the organizational and operational structure of the department and provide changes to the president’s office if necessary.
  • Bill #4104 to split the sustainability/health coordinator position was debated on terms of salary. The bill passed with a vote of 14-9.
  • Bill #1406 was passed for $18,626 to be allocated to the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) for their “National American Month Kickoff and 29th annual Pow Wow.”

ASCSU beat reporter Allison Knaus can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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