Sep 292011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Today we mourn a great tragedy for our community. On Oct. 4 the New Belgium tasting room will no longer offer free tasting. As this source of free beer comes meets its untimely end, the Collegian Editorial Board will hold a moment of silence.

Moment of silence over.

As college students, free beer is a rare and beautiful thing. Especially when that beer is something beyond the typical party-keg offerings.

However, the reasoning for this change seems reasonable. The brewery is looking to change the atmosphere of its tasting room to something where people can spend time enjoying that yeasty, hoppy goodness, as it should be.

While this change will likely anger many people searching for that flowing golden nectar, the change in atmosphere will emphasize those who want to taste and enjoy rather than those who come for the calling of free beer. In other words, the tasting room will be a tasting room rather than a drinking room.

Many may have come to the tasting room in the past looking to catch a buzz, but that is a ridiculous thing to expect from four-ounce tasters. This change is something we should embrace as college students. As we become of legal drinking age the allure of binge drinking should be fading quickly.

Especially because no one wants to see a sloppy, drunk college kid at four in the afternoon. If you want to get that kind of drunk during the day, it’s better kept away from the eyes of the public.

But in the end the change will make the room about enjoying the product rather than just consuming it.

Despite the change being for the better, it’s still sad to see that free beer disappearing.

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