Sep 282011
Authors: Allison Knaus

Keeping up with CSU’s ‘green’ initiatives proved to be more work than anticipated for current Associated Students of CSU sustainability coordinator Audrey Purdue.

Her position, part of an ASCSU initiative to contribute to the university’s goals of becoming a green university, has been proposed to be split into two individual positions and departments, one being the sustainability coordinator and the other being the health coordinator.

“Upon hiring the sustainability/health coordinator positions, it became evident quickly that the goals and objectives for the department were much larger than one individual has the capacity to deal with,” wrote ASCSU president Eric Berlinberg in a memorandum regarding the desire to split the position.

While Purdue previously focused on keeping up with the push from the university to maintain ‘green’ initiatives, a new health component was added at the beginning of the year, making the position title the sustainability/health coordinator and requiring an additional commitment to work with the CSU Health Network as a student liaison.

These positions are vital to our university because they fulfill student demand, said ASCSU chief of staff, Kaylyn Kardavani.

The health component also requires Purdue to work with the CSU Health Network to market health-related information and advocate programming to students as well as working with the deputy director of RamRide to market and educate student awareness of responsible drinking.

“The position just feels natural to be split. One person should really just beocusing on the health component and the other on the sustainability component,” Purdue said.

The environment and public health has a huge impact on every single CSU student, Purdue added.
Purdue plans to fill the health coordinator position, and if the changes to the position are passed, ASCSU will begin an interview process in search of a new sustainability coordinator. Currently, assistant sustainability coordinator Seth Danner has been working to maintain the sustainability component.

“The position was something that grew much larger than we had initially anticipated, and in order for Audrey to really focus in on the health aspect of the position it seems necessary to split the jobs,” Kardavani said.

According to the memorandum, ASCSU Senate previously approved payroll for the sustainability/health coordinator position for $3,000. In order to accommodate the split position, the proposed salary for the sustainability and health coordinators is $1,750 each. The additional $500 will be taken from salary savings from eliminated positions.

“We hadn’t originally anticipated this position being so big, but we quickly realized that we have people who are really passionate about this position and have the ability to be productive,” Berlinberg said.

The sustainability/health coordinator position split bill proposal was tabled for next week’s Oct. 5 senate meeting. If the bill passes, the sustainability coordinator position will officially open and begin accepting applications.

In other ASCSU action, Bill 4102, which redefines election manager restrictions, passed with a unanimous vote at Wednesday’s senate meeting. Also, Bill 4103, clarifying that the organization’s 10.5 percent payroll cap does not include administrative support positions was passed.

The cap had always been recognized in practice but not in the constitution, leading to confusion among incoming presidents, Berlinberg said.

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