Sep 142011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

A recent study from the University of Denver said if Colorado’s fiscal situation doesn’t change, the state’s public universities could receive no public funding by 2025.

Even though this will happen by the time we are all out of college, now is the time we must make our voices heard and advocate for the funding of higher education.

The story in the Collegian today, “Grim forecast for higher ed,” outlines not just a grim situation, but an apocalyptic one for CSU.

In 12 years the report says that all state spending will be devoted to “the Big Three:” prisons, K-12 and healthcare.

There clearly needs to be a budget overhaul to avoid our state coming to this. Now is the time to set the gears in motion to convince our politicians to prevent this spending failure from happening because we all know it takes about 12 years to get politicians to get anything done.

Colorado currently has one of the lowest tax rates in the country. Are we as a state comfortable saving a few extra bucks while watching our state-funded institutions crumble?

As students we should all be furious. Now is the time to march to the capital and demand funding to higher education. We cannot just sit by as our tuition continues to skyrocket.

Even though this prediction may seem to be far in the future, as an alumni, if higher ed loses all it’s funding, 12 years from now you might be getting 30 calls a day from CSU begging for money.

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